Masonry Consultants: What they do and how they can help.

A masonry consultant is an outside industry professional who is equipped to provide clients with specialized knowledge, expertise, and assistance on how to improve day to day business operations and increase production output. They will have several years of experience operating within the masonry industry and be equipped to analyze a company’s current business practices and identify areas for improvement. Upon consulting with each client, they provide a personalized plan to improve performance and increase job profitability. They then oversee the implementation of these new business practices, evaluate the outcome, and alter the plan if necessary.

    • Evaluate competitive bidding process to improve estimating procedures and increase the likelihood that bids are won and production increases.
    • Advise on logistics associated with material and equipment mobilization such as how much to order and when.
    • Improve practices and procedures for managing an annual budget. 
    • Review client finances and determine best practices for increasing working capital and bonding ability.
    • Develop a Profit & Loss Income Statement that includes sales revenue, direct construction job costs, gross profits, general & administrative overhead, vehicle & equipment expenses, overhead expenses, insurance costs, total indirect general & administrative overhead expenses, net income & net profits from operations, net income before taxes, other income, income taxes, and net profit earned.
    • Refine contract review process so that all requirements to perform work and furnish labor, materials, equipment and/or services is clearly understood prior to entering into a contractual agreement.
    • Clarify any questions or concerns regarding contract documents or submittal requirements prior to submitting to the general contractor, and project owner.
    • Provide inside information about specific materials or equipment based on knowledge gained from past working experience. 
    • Assess any existing areas of concern with current or future projects to determine most efficient way of constructing or renovating based on available options or owners needs.  
    • Recommend most appropriate materials to use based on quality, cost, and esthetic if information has not already specified by the architect or engineer in the projects plans and specifications.
    • Examine overall/unrecognized construction costs and explore areas where mistake can be costly.
    • Advise clients on the most appropriate equipment to have on site in order to complete the project within the allotted timeline while still remaining profitable. 
    • Assist subcontractors with navigating the process of creating proposals, submittals, change orders, or requests for information (RFI). 

Look for a masonry contractor that is certified by the following institutions.

  • The Brick Institute of America (BIA)
  • Mason Contractors Association of America (MCAA)
  • The National Concrete Masonry Association (NCMA)
  • SRW (Segmental Retaining Walls) Certification
  • Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute Certification (ICPI)

Develop and provide a masonry consulting agreement between client and masonry consultant.

A masonry consulting agreement is a contract like document describing the working relationship between the subcontractor and the masonry consultant who is providing his or her consulting services. A masonry consulting agreement outlines the terms of their professional relationship so that both parties are held accountable if the agreement is not adhered to. A consulting agreement benefits all parties involved by stating a clear expectation of outcome and providing a defined timeline for work expectations while also holding the consulting contractor accountable to an agreed upon budget for all business-related expenses.

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