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We work with leading industry professionals across the Masonry Industry taking on immense challenges and solving complex issues to develop internal support and provide practical recommendations that create new opportunities and move companies forward.” 

Donnie Williams

CEO / Founder

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A tradition of

In the 1920’s, Clayton McVay, known as Paw-Mac to his many grandchildren, was a sharecropper. At the start of The Great Depression, he picked up the masonry trade and learned how to build chimneys in his local community of Deer Field LA, now known as Delhi, LA. He had the foresight to see that he needed more than just farming skills to feed his large family. He and Crittie McVay, known as Maw Mac, had 13 children and hard work was engrained in each of them. Paw Mac’s sixth son, Curtis, born in 1928, had a passion for the bricklaying trade that Paw Mac had become a local legend at. Curtis felt and enjoyed the appreciation that the sharecroppers had for them providing warmth and the luxury of a brick fireplace in their home. 



Of Combined
experience in the
masonry industry.

What we do

We utilize the knowledge and experience gained over the course of roughly 60 years in the masonry industry.

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We are committed to enhance our clients project performance and profitability.

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